• - Making and Keeping Peace - jstor
    Making and Keeping Peace. Suzanne Werner and Amy Yuen. Abstract Recent efforts to explain why some peace agreements last while oth- ers fail have ...
  • - Making and Keeping Peace - Cambridge University Press
    Making and Keeping Peace. Suzanne Werner and Amy Yuen. Abstract. Recent efforts to explain why some peace agreements last while oth- ers fail have ...
  • - response to Werner & Yuen 2005
    Response to Suzanne Werner and Amy YuenMaking and Keeping Peace” International ... The article by Werner and Yuen (hereafter W&Y) makes an important ...
  • - Making Multilateral Peace - Scott Wolford
    a failure, keeping former belligerents from each other's throats for barely ... alities on the ground (Werner and Yuen, 2005)? Did the settlement ...
  • - Information, Agreement Design, and the Durability of Civil War ...
    maintain a peace agreement.2. Scholars .... resolve to fight and its willingness to make concessions.4 .... a civil war context, findings by Werner and Yuen (2005).
  • - Third-Party Conflict Management and the Willingness to Make ... - Duke
    (2006), Werner (1999), Werner and Yuen (2005), and Wilkenfeld ..... ments, given that it would require an expenditure of resources to keep peace elsewhere ...
  • - Conciliatory Agreements and the Durability of Peace - Iowa Research ...
    agreements make the existing peaceful equilibrium more robust against the potentially .... In a more recent article that reacts to Fortna's work, Werner and Yuen (2005) argue ... Provisions that help maintain a durable peace after the end.
  • - Partial Peace Rebel Groups Inside and Outside Civil War Settlements
    decision-making calculus when the signatories decide to reach a deal. ..... armed conflict (e.g. Werner & Yuen, 2005). ..... 'Does Peacekeeping Keep Peace?
  • - Military Intervention and Settlement Durability in ... - Semantic Scholar
    To this end,Werner & Yuen (2005) argue that third parties in international ... of ceasefire durability, stating "Third parties that attempt to 'keep peace' can help to ... and make future peaceful negotiations more difficult (Werner & Yuen 2005).
  • - project proposal peace science 2016 - 2016 Peace Science Workshop
    This project seeks to make two main contributions to our ... Luttwak 1999; Werner and Yuen 2005). ... The reason at this stage is to keep.
  • - Civil War Termination - Caroline A. Hartzell
    that “specif[ies] who gets what and when” (Werner & Yuen, 2005, p. ..... commit to maintaining peace,” thus making it “easier for them to stop the war at a draw,.
  • - Power Sharing in Peace Agreements Caroline A. Hartzell - Sara Mitchell
    more likely (Wagner 1993; Werner 1999; and Werner and Yuen 2005). ... efforts to test the proposition that some types of civil war settlements make for a more durable peace .... How are the contents of these bargains thought to help keep the.
  • - Keeping The Peace
    make a positive difference ... peace. Download keeping the peace or read online here in. PDF or EPUB. Please ... Suzanne Werner, Amy. Yuen Di, 16 Okt 2018.
  • - Amy T. Yuen - Foreign Affairs
    Making and Keeping Peace.” 2005. International Organization. 59(2):261-292. With. Suzanne Werner. “Enforcing Peace: Suppressing Extremists Without ...
  • - IR 388E - Conflict, Violence, and Peacebuilding - Boston University
    relatively greater emphasis on nonviolent and peaceful interventions to ..... Werner, S. and A. Yuen, “Making and Keeping Peace,” International Organization.
  • - Peace and the Logic of Occupation - Philosophy, Politics, and ...
    effective in maintaining peace because “eventual leadership change in both the victor (puppet- master) and ... Suzanne Werner and Amy Yuen examine the effect of the information ... effective way to make peace following a war endure.
  • - Journal of Conflict Resolution - Princeton University
    battlefield outcomes influence leaders' decisions to keep fighting or to pursue a ... the acceptance of peaceful settlements, make different predictions. .... 797, Lemma 1), and Werner and Yuen (2005, 265), as more information is provided.
  • - Slow to Learn: Bargaining, Uncertainty, and the Calculus of ... - Peter Bils
    to reach a settlement that would keep the Taliban in power.1 Yet these negotiations .... source of uncertainty is more accurately the “peace aims” of a state, rather than the war .... suming a larger amount of the good could create a bargaining problem with a third party ..... Reed 2003; Werner
  • - The Expanded Cease-Fires Data Set Code Book - IO Journal
    Yuen, Amy and Suzanne Werner. 2005. “Making and Keeping Peace.” International Organization,. 59(2): 261-292. [publisher]. • Fortna, Virginia Page. 2004.
  • - What Do the Peacekeepers Do, Where and How? New Data on UN ...
    over-estimate PKOs' effectiveness for keeping electoral peace. ... In contrast, Werner and Yuen (2005) theorize that peacekeeping works through military ... (Lake and Fariss, 2014) and create incentives for short-term cooperation that falter as ...
  • - More dangerous than dyads: bargaining and war in multi ... - Strathprints
    can do better by making a smaller offer, which will lead to war if they face an unexpectedly resolute ... most peace-prone model: a model with complete information and an absence of commitment problems. ...... keep reasonably good relations with their ally. Thus ..... Werner, Suzanne and Amy Yuen
  • - Peacekeeping and Peace Kept: Third Party ... - UKnowledge
    political discourse among the internal actors at war (Werner and Yuen 2005; Cockayne, .... Examining which peacekeeping operations best keep the peace ... the effects that third party intervention on producing durable conflict resolution.
  • - Peace and War With Endogenous State Capacity - UCI Sites
    ment in making adversaries abide by a peace agreement. ..... ment maintain their military capacity, either informally—through militias ...... in the context of peace agreements are further developed in Werner and Yuen (2005).
  • - POLI 7947 Seminar in International Conflict Fall 2015
    bargaining, domestic regime type (the democratic peace), domestic instability, ... each student is expected to make two brief (10-15 minute) in-class presentations on the ..... Werner, Suzanne, and Amy Yuen. 2005. “Making and Keeping Peace.
  • - External Subsidies and Lasting Peace - Core
    produce lasting peace through conditional subsidies, even without addressing ... the inevitable (Beardsley 2008, 2011, Werner and Yuen 2005). ... the belligerents have already been assumed to have an incentive to keep private;5 without ..... benefit from actions that create uncertainty (Meirowitz
  • - Territorial acquisition, commitment, and recurrent war - Oxford Journals
    full-scale war (Fortna, 2004; Werner and Yuen, 2005; Lo et al., 2008)?. These are two .... informational problem in reaching and maintaining ceasefires. Specifically, they ... hinders peaceful revision of ceasefires by creating a situation in which.
  • - Journal of Conflict Resolution
    early stages of the peace process create interdependencies that affect the likelihood of successfully ... agreements (Werner and Yuen 2005) and leave open possible future fighting that ...... ''Making and Keeping Peace.
  • - Master thesis proposal - ResearchGate
    2003) there are certain moments during a conflict making it 'ripe for resolution'. ...... Werner, S. and A. Yuen, (2005), Making and Keeping Peace, International ...
  • - Behavioral Theories of War and Peace - Branislav L. Slantchev (UCSD)
    Week 3: Behavioral Theories of War and Peace. Required Readings: ... Werner, Suzanne and Amy Yuen. 2005. “Making and Keeping Peace.
  • - Justice or Peace? - DiVA
    I find that the inclusion of amnesty provisions in peace agreements significantly ... war and gross human rights abuses becomes unfeasible risks making their .... power should increase the risk that a peace process breaks down (Werner and Yuen 2005). ..... likely to keep the peace than democracies

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